Camp Rules


1. No boy may enter a girls tent, or girl enter a boys tent, at any time.

2. All instructions given by staff must be carried out promptly & cheerfully.

3. Punctuality must be maintained at all times, for all activities and meals.

4. All medicines must be handed to the Medical Officer on arrival.

5. Campers who are unwell or injured, must report to a medical officer, if they are unable to do so, the nearest able-bodied campers must do so for them. 

6. Mobile phones are allowed at camp, at the camper’s own risk, but they must be switched off at meal times, during organised sessions in the marquee and between lights out and reveille. Sharing downloaded video clips, by showing or sending is not allowed without the express consent of the Orderly Officer.  Anyone found to be breaking these rules will have their phones telephones confiscated for the duration of camp.

7. Campers leaving camp for any reason, must carry their contact card and keep their mobile telephones on at all times.

8. Campers are not allowed on the beach without staff supervision.

9. Any unsupervised hazardous activity that could result in injury is forbidden. Examples are; climbing, entering fields with livestock, boating etc.  This list is not inclusive. Some activities may be allowed as supervised activities. 

10. Campers aged 14 or over may leave the campsite at appropriate times in groups of three or more, providing that they all report to the Orderly Officer to obtain authorization, register their names, destinations and return time; and all report back to the Orderly Officer on return.

11. Campers must be on site at retreat unless involved in an authorised activity.

12. Under 14’s may not leave camp unless they are accompanied by an adult.

13. Campers may not leave their tents after lights out and before reveille unless there is an emergency; in which case they must go directly to the nearest staff tent and make them aware of the situation. 

14. Behaviour that is likely to cause harm to yourself or others is forbidden.

15. Aggressive behaviour or bullying of any description will not be tolerated. Considerate behaviour and respect for others and their property must be shown at all times. Parents will be asked to pay for willful damage.

16. Lost or found property must be handed to the C.O. or Orderly Officer.

17. Smoking and alcoholic drinks are not allowed at camp.

18. Sheath knives and pen knives are forbidden. 

19. Campers should report any concerns they have while at camp, including the behaviour of other leaders, to the C.O. or any other leader they are comfortable speaking to about the matter.


Attendance at camp signifies acceptance of these rules by campers and their parents/guardians.  Infringements of the camp rules will be dealt with appropriately by the Commanding Officer; in extreme cases, this may result in sending the offender home at their own expense. 


It was great fun and I enjoyed all of the activities especially the high ropes course.

Bassex Camping Group

Bassex Camping is a group of Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade Companies working together to provide a summer camp for their members.  As a camping group, we have successfully worked together for many years to provide a fun and safe camping experience for our young people. 

Contacting Us

For more information on this years camp please speak to your local company or use the contact form to send us a message